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Welcome to “our world.” My name is Sid and I run Canvas4phone.com. Alongside I have Ashish — a gadget freak and a tech enthusiast — scribbling his thoughts down on everything related to Micromax. You’ll see why we created this website in the next few paragraphs. For now, I have to share something really important with you.

You see, Micromax India is the leading mobile manufacturer in India. In fact, you should know that this Gurgaon-based company is also larger than all the Japanese mobile brands out there. That’s right — Micromax is something.

And here’s why: Micromax India has adopted an “aggressive” strategy. Let me explain.

Indian Mobile Manufacturer Micromax Logo

Back in those 2008 days, I remember Micromax brand very well. We treated it as just another Chinese-rebranded phones that were really, really affordable. My first Micromax phone, Micromax Q100, was a basic handset with no magical features. I remember the company launched a few more phones every month.

Some did pretty well, and some were super-flop.

Smartphones, The Secret Ingredient For Micromax’s Success

Micromax India knew that change is permanent. They knew it was time to look back, learn from mistakes and revise their current strategies. This is where the “aggressive” plan really worked in their favors. In the year 2010, the company launched hundreds of new phones. The plan was simple: launch, launch, and launch more phones.

In fact, Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax, said in an Interview: “We create high volumes, reach the customer base through effective distribution, give them products that are innovative and cost-effective. Finally, create a strong brand.”

Micromax Meme -- Strategy to Become Leading Smartphone Manufacturer

During this time Google’s Android, an open source mobile operating system, became an instant hit among mobile manufacturers. Every mobile vendors were craving to bring Android on their handsets, and Micromax knew this mobile OS can bring a pivotal change in their business. Android turned out to be a game-changer. The company quickly moved from launching basic handsets to manufacturing smartphones that could run Android OS. And the results were mind blowing: Micromax India was able to generate over 2000 Crore revenue in the year 2012 alone!

These Micromax Android phones were not only huge in size, but they were nearly as powerful as other high-end smartphones — that too at a really affordable price.

On this site, we will talk only about “Canvas 4 A210″ smartphone, which is going to be one of the Micromax’s best smartphone launched till date.

Canvas 4 A210 Phone Will Rock Your World

Said to launch on July 8th, the new Canvas 4 A210 is the newest addition to the Micromax Canvas family. From the rumored specs we have, this is going to be an epic phone that will kill all other mid-range Android phones launched by its competitors!

Apart from the huge screen and Android experience, Canvas 4 will have a better hardware that’s going to be insanely powerful.

Although Micromax India hasn’t released the complete specs and features of Canvas 4 A210 yet, you can easily be the first to own this phone by depositing Rs. 5000 into the company’s account. Read this article: How to Pre-order Micromax Canvas 4.

And why did we create this website? The answer is simple: we love Micromax! We love Indian mobile vendors! And we certainly have a thing for quality smartphones that comes with the right price point.

Here at Canvas4Phone we will share with you the latest news, rumors, and all the accurate information related to Canvas 4 A210 handset. Look at the sidebar, or check out the menu on the top for more information!

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